Fairbanks North Star Borough Wood Stove Change Out Program

Are You Eligible for a Rebate on Your Katydid™ Wood Stove?

Katydid_No-Backgd_11_4_15_WebDid you know that our EPA Certified Katydid™ gasifier wood stove exceeds the North Star Boroughs Air Quality Standards? Call us today at 1-855-872-7868 to order your Katydid™ today.

As a North Star Boroughs Fairbanks area home or business owner, you may qualify for a financial incentive rebate through the Borough’s Enhanced Voluntary Removal, Replacement and Repair Program. Get your FNSB application here.

Katydid™ was EPA Certified at 1.9 grams/hour, making Katydid™ one of the cleanest burning non-catalytic wood stoves on the planet! Replace your solid fuel burning appliance with a Katydid™ wood stove today. Save both time and money by reducing cordwood consumption and emissions. Spare the air and the trees!

Add the optional accessories and your Katydid™ wood stove can not only heat and cook, but also bake, generate electricity, heat water, and provide light for your Fairbanks, Alaska North Star Boroughs home or business. As a multi-functional wood stove heating appliance, Katydid™ is the perfect Fairbanks, Alaska on-grid, off-grid living solution…

Applications are currently being accepted by the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s Air Quality Division for its wood stove change out program. Completed forms (pages 5, 6 & 9 are the only ones required for submission) can be mailed to or hand delivered to the Air Quality Office at 3175 Peger Road, Fairbanks, AK  99709. Funding is limited and is not guaranteed unless a written authorization has been issued from the office.

Wood Stove Change-Out FAQs

  • Question: What heating appliances are eligible for  the Fairbanks North Star Borough Enhanced Voluntary Removal, Replacement and Repair Program?
  • Answer: Solid fuel appliances including wood or coal burning stoves; wood or coal burning furnaces; wood or coal burning hydronic heaters; or wood fireplace inserts or fireplaces.
  • Question: Are businesses and rental properties eligible for the program?
  • Answer: As of Jan. 1, 2015, all properties in the Fairbanks North Star Borough are eligible for the change-out programs.
  • Question: I am a renter. Can I apply as a tenant?
    Answer: Unfortunately, only property owners may apply for the Wood Stove Change Out Program.
  • Question:  Can I submit my application by e-mail or by fax?
  • Answer: The original signatures of the property owners must appear on the application; therefore, all applications are required to be mailed or hand delivered to: 3175 Peger Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709.
  • Question: I applied to the old program but was either denied or did not complete the program.  Must I re-apply?
  • Answer: The new program is different from the old program and the new application form has different terms. Therefore, Fairbanks area residents must complete a new application. Although the original signature from all property owners is required on the new application form; however, only persons authorized to receive payment should sign the W-9.
  • Question: How can I get more information about the Wood Stove Change Out Program?
  • Answer: Visit the Fairbanks North Star Borough Air Quality Division Wood Stove Change Out Program website.

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