About the Katydid Wood Stove™

kimberly_katydid_wood_stoveKimberly’s Bigger, Little Sister, The Katydid™ Wood Stove

You asked and we listened!

Many people wrote to tell us how much they love our Kimberly™ wood stove, but needed bigger wood stove to produce more heat with less of an investment to heat their mainstream size home, up to 3,000 sq. feet of well insulated space. We heard the need and answered the call with Katydid™, which we affectionately call, Kimberly’s “bigger, little sister”.

Like our Kimberly™ wood stove, Katydid™ uses the same gasifier technology to squeeze more heat from less wood with less smoke and emissions.

Kimberly™ was EPA/CSA certified, producing 3.2 grams/hour particulate. Compare that to the 7.5 grams/hour allowed by the EPA for a non-catalytic wood stove and the 4.5 grams/hour allowed by the State of Washington, which has the toughest standards in the nation. We believe that when Katydid undergoes testing for EPA/CSA certification and UL-Listing, that Katydid’s performance will be at least as good, if not better.

While not yet certified for residential use (in those states requiring it) Katydid™ is expected to complete testing for EPA/CSA certification and UL-Listing soon.

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