Kimberly™ & Katydid™ Custom Venting Kits

Premium Quality Pellet Pipe

Kimberly™ and Katydid™ are the only two EPA-certified & CSA-certified wood stoves that are approved to vent with pellet stove pipe (with a Class-A pass-through). All other wood stoves must vent with Class-A pipe as other wood stoves produce much higher flue temperatures from their unburned gases exiting the chimney as smoke.

Using patented gasifier technology, Kimberly™ and Katydid™ burn these gases as fuel during secondary combustion, producing more heat from less wood, while leaving behind less ash and producing a nearly smokeless burn.

In colder climates, we recommend the use of our custom-made insulated pellet pipe to keep the interior flue temperature warmer and ensure that your Kimberly™ or Katydid™ gasifier wood stove will perform to its highest capacity under the most challenging of winter conditions.

Residential Installations

For residential installations, you must always follow your local and county regulations designed for your safety. This typically means a Class A-rated pass-through in the roof, which can add an additional $250.00 to $500.00.

Commonly Used Parts In Kimberly™ Installations

Part  # UF72050303STBStarter Tee & End Cap
Part  # 712703KTCathedral Ceiling Support Box
Part  # 71410004Flashing & Storm Collar 0/6
Part  # 71410104Flashing & Storm Collar 6/12
Part  # 710401033-Inch BioVent Cap
Part  # 71010603B3x6-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 71011203B3x12-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 71012403B3x24-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 7201203BINS3x24-Inch INSULATED Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 7103603B3x36-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 72013603BINS3x36-Inch INSULATED Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 71024503B45 Degree Elbow
Part  # 71029003B90 Degree Elbow
Part  # 985003153x15 Foot SS LT Flex C Kit
Part  # 985003253x25 Foot SS LT Flex C Kit
Part  # 660004Storm Collar

Commonly Used Parts In Katydid™ Installations

Part  # 72080004TRVB4-Inch Appliance Adaptor
Part  # 712704KT4-Inch Cathedral Ceiling Support Box
Part  # 71410004Flashing & Storm Collar 0/6
Part  # 71410105Flashing & Storm Collar 6/12
Part  # 710401044-Inch BioVent Cap
Part  # 71010604B4x6 Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 710112048B4x12 Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 71012404B4x24 Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 7201204BINS4x24 INSULATED Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 71013604B4x36 Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 72013604BINS4x36 INSULATED Straight Length Pipe
Part  # 71024504B45-Degree Elbow
Part  # 71029004B90-Degree Elbow
Part  # 985004154x15 SSLT Flex C Kit
Part  #  985004254x25 SSLT Flex C Kit
Part  #  660004Storm Collar

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