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Searching for a Small Wood Stove?

Kimberly wood stoveWhen Roger Lehet and his family lived on a 30-foot boat during a winter on the Puget Sound, they struggled to keep themselves warm and dry. Then Roger developed the Kimberly™ gasifier wood burning stove. Never did they imagine that their highly efficient small wood stove would one day be selected as one of 14 finalists out of 261 entries in the Wood Stove Decathlon, sponsored in part by Popular Mechanics magazine.

Today, the Kimberly™ wood stove has earned an established reputation as the best wood stove for tiny house and RV living due to her small footprint and tight clearances. As well, Kimberly™ has earned a solid reputation in cabins and bigger homes, due to her efficient and clean burn as compared with other stoves.

Your On-grid or Off-grid Living Solution

  • The best small wood stove to heat your tiny house, bigger home, cabin, RV, tree house, or boat
  • Approved for just 6 inches of clearance on sides and back of flue (without use of reflector panels)
  • Highly portable wood stove and weighs just 56 pounds
  • Heats smaller and bigger spaces, up to 1,500 square feet of well-insulated space
  • Unique venting system saves hundreds of $$$ in installation costs
  • Cooktop surface for on-grid or off-grid cooking
  • Cook, bake, generate electricity, generate light, and {coming soon} heat water with use of optional add-on accessories 
  • EPA-certified and CSA-certified
  • Appearances on multiple episodes of Tree House Masters and Tiny House Nation!
  • Perfect for everyday use or emergency preparedness

Ultra Efficient and Clean

  • Produces just 3.2 grams/hour emissions
  • Washington state EPA-certified, the toughest state standards in the United States
  • Burns up to 8 hours (coal bed to coal bed) on a single load of fuel, providing a good night’s sleep

Quality Engineering

  • Made in America from domestically produced stainless steel
  • Engineered and built tough for many years of trouble-free service
  • Five-year, non-prorated warranty

Price & Value

When pricing wood stoves for sale, consider the TOTAL installation costs, including not only the wood stove itself, but also the hearth pad, chimney pipe, and shipping costs.

TOTAL Installation Costs For A Kimberly™ Wood Stove Are Similar To A Typical $2,000 Wood Stove

$2050 BRAND "X" Wood Stove$3995 KIMBERLY™ Wood Stove
$4600 TOTAL Investment$4745 TOTAL Investment
$1600 Class-A Chimney Pipe († Estimated)$650 Chimney Pipe († Estimated)
$500 Floor Pad (Estimated)$50 Floor Pad (Estimated)
$450 Shipping & Handling (Estimated)$50 Shipping & Handling (††)

† Estimated costs for a single story residential application will vary according to the construction of your home and placement of your stove. Expect additional costs for a 1-1/2 story or 2 story installation.
(††) Residents of AK and HI should request a shipping quote.

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Kimberly™ Installation Diagrams & Specifications

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