In a Tiny House

From Julie, Idaho

I bought this little woodstove [Kimberly™] back in June/July 2015. I bought some of the new stove pipe you now offer, just when it came available. It’s very nice. … It was really very easy to do the installation. Very simple and straight forward. The first fire was a little tough to get going. But true to your word, once it did get going there was absolutely no smoke. Each fire since has been a breeze to start. I’m really pleased and excited about my little Kimberly. I’ve been telling everyone about it.

From Kevin and Valerie, Alaska

In 2014, my wife and I built a 952 sq. ft. log cabin in Alaska, with the idea of having a back-up heat that didn’t take up very much space. Well, when I found the Kimberly wood stove, we knew that’s what we wanted. It has now been one year, and I have to say that we mostly use this stove as our primary heat source; even at temperatures below zero, this little stove conquers the elements. When you get the draft just right, this little stove really puts out some heat. Anything above 20 degrees, we prefer not to let the secondary burn kick in due to it getting too warm in our home. A special thanks to Unforgettable Fire, LLC dealers for the most outstanding customer service available. Any question or concern I’ve ever brought to their attention was taken very seriously and promptly. This company really cares about their product and the people that invest in them.

Made in America by Americans who care, what more can you ask for in life…

From Ella Jenkins, Little Yellow Door

We were lucky to have Vanessa Kelly, our dealer, help out with our installation and Kimberly’s inventor, Roger Lehet on the phone to get all our questions answered. After a few hitches and a custom chimney pass through the roof, this stove looks like it was never missing.

I feel like we bought what we expected to be only a wood stove, but what we also acquired was two people and a dog’s worth of comfort. I have decided it is the best thing I have ever purchased because we have serendipitously secured ourselves an endless number of winters in homebody bliss, that won’t involve crowding around 20 something tea candles (this too).

Proudly Made in America

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