kimberly katydid wood stoves 1
kimberly katydid wood stoves 1

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Are You Searching For The Best Small Wood Stove?

Meet The Kimberly™ & Katydid™ Gasifier Wood Burning Stoves!


  • With her 6-inch side clearance and burn time of up to 8 hours per load, Kimberly™ is perfect as a tiny house wood stove, as a small wood stove for cabins, a small wood burning stove for RV’s or bus conversions, or as a small stove in traditional homes to help reduce winter heating costs.
  • Our Katydid™ gasifying wood burner stove is our workhorse model and was engineered for cabins, yurts, and traditional homes where more heat is required. Requiring only 21 inches of side clearance, Katydid™ can burn up to 10 hours on a load of wood and produces only 1.9 grams/hour particulate.
  • Katydid™ more than meets the current EPA-CSA emission requirements, making Katydid™ one of the cleanest wood burning stoves for sale today.
  • Now you can squeeze more heat from less wood with our EPA & CSA Certified high-efficiency Unforgettable Fire™ wood-burning stoves while wasting less heat up the chimney.
  • [Disclosure: We are in the process of reengineering our Kimberly™ stove to meet current emission requirements for residential applications.]

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How Our Patented Wood Stove Technology Can Give You A Better Night’s Sleep & Let You Wake Up To A Warmer House 

A Traditional Wood Burner Stove vs. Our Patented Gasifier Wood Stoves


  • At Unforgettable Fire™, we think we’ve developed a better mousetrap… er…ummm… wood burning stove! Our gasifying wood stoves use a double-combustion approach to heating your home with wood.
  • In our Kimberly and Katydid™ gasification wood stoves, oxygen is deliberately restricted in the first combustion, which causes the wood to smolder and produce wood gases {i.e. smoke}.
  • The smoke is re-burned as fuel in the second combustion, and the chimney appears nearly smokeless. Most of the heat is produced in the clean and efficient second combustion, with very little heat wasted up the chimney as compared to a traditional wood stove. This 2-stage combustion squeezes the most heat from your firewood. 
  • Our patented double-combustion approach to heating your home with wood evens the heating-cooling cycle of every load and can provide a longer burn time than you might expect from a traditional wood burning stove. The longer burn time may also allow for a better night’s sleep and let  you to wake up to a warmer home in the morning. After all, who wants to get up in the middle of the night to feed their wood stove?
  • Because Kimberly™ and Katydid™ squeeze more heat from less wood you can cut LESS trees, split and burn LESS wood, and have MORE time for FUN!
  • Whether you’re looking for a tiny house wood burning stove, shopping for small wood stoves for cabins, or researching the best wood stoves for heating bigger spaces, we’ve got you covered.

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Your On-Grid, Off-Grid Living Solution™

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Coming Soon: Heat, Cook, Bake, Generate Electricity, & Heat Water!

  • Not only can Kimberly™ and Katydid™ provide heat, but with our coming optional add-on accessories, you can cook, bake, generate electricity, generate light, and soon, you will also be able to heat water for radiant in-floor heating and domestic use. Unforgettable Fire™ is your on-grid, off-grid living solution!
  • Want to know more? Follow our journey on Facebook since we have returned from the 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenge which was held in Washington D.C. in November 2018. There, we demonstrated our v.2 thermo-electric generation system to the public on the National Mall.