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 Are You Searching For The Best Small Wood Stove?

Meet The Kimberly™ & Katydid™ Gasifier Wood Burning Stoves!


  • Now you can squeeze more heat from less wood with our EPA & CSA Certified high-efficiency wood-burning stoves. Our Kimberly™ gasifying wood burning stove is the best wood stove for small spaces.
  • With her 6-inch side clearance and burn time of up to 8 hours per load, Kimberly™ is perfect as a tiny house wood stove, as a small wood stove for cabins, a small wood burning stove for RV or bus conversions, as a small stove in traditional homes to help reduce winter heating costs.
  • Our Katydid™ gasifying wood burner stove is our workhorse model and was engineered for larger spaces. Requiring only 21 inches of side clearance, Katydid™ can burn up to 10 hours on a load of wood and produces only 1.9 grams/hour particulate.
  • Katydid™ not only meets but also exceeds the United States EPA emission requirements for the Year 2020, making Katydid™ one of the cleanest wood burning stoves for sale today.