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Who Else Hates To Feed Their Hungry Wood Stoves?

Need Longer Burn Times For A Better Night’s Sleep?

Wood burning stoves have come a long way since the time that grandma’s potbelly cast iron wood stove was manufactured. Although today’s modern wood stoves are far more efficient than what kept our grandparent’s home warm, even today’s wood burners still lose a lot of BTU’s up their 6-inch Class A chimney pipe. Despite their high efficiency ratings, the typical combustion process of burning wood to create heat often requires frequent reloading so as to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature inside your home. Attempts to damper down the combustion process in order to extend the overnight burn time can produce unwanted smoke and unnecessary creosote buildup. That’s bad for you and bad for the environment. We believed there simply had to be a better way to heat a home with wood, and we built a business around our intention to find it…

Now Waste Less Heat Up Your Chimney — Keep More Heat In Your Home

The gasification wood burning stoves manufactured by Unforgettable Fire™ have dainty appetites. They use our unique and patented two-stage non-catalytic combustion process. In the first combustion, the firewood is vaporized from its solid form to produce wood gas (i.e. smoke). In the second combustion, the smoke is re-burned as fuel to produce heat before the smoke exits the combustion chamber and the chimney. As the combustion process is extended over a longer period of time, there is less temperature fluctuation in your home. In this regard, the Unforgettable Fire™ wood heater stoves are similar to how a time-release pill extends the therapeutic levels in your body. Simply stated, with less heat up the chimney, more heat remains in your house. You benefit when you need to cut and burn less wood. The planet benefits when your chimney is virtually smokeless.

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NOT Your Grandma's Cast Iron Wood Stoves...

The soft flames produced in an Unforgettable Fire™ gasification wood stove mimic the dance of the Northern Lights in the sky. Make your next fire unforgettable and experience a better way of heating your home with wood™.

Meet Our Girls…

Krikit Stove™

Katydid Stove™

Kimberly Stove™

Woodburning Stoves
For Homes

You can confidently choose an Unforgettable Fire™ high-efficiency woodburning stove for your sole source for heat, for supplemental heat, or as backup heating for emergency preparedness. With three free-standing woodburners and one wood burning fireplace insert (soon to be released) owners of residential homes and mobile home in the United States and Canada now have medium-size, small-size, and tiny indoor gasifier wood heaters and stoves to choose from. 

Woodburning Stoves
For Cabins

Off-grid cabins are what dreams are made of. Unforgettable Fire™ answered the call of your heart for a choice of high efficiency wood heater and stove models that elegantly fit into the limited floor space of your dream cabin. Heat, cook, bake, heat water, and generate electricity with the addition of a cast iron Dutch oven and/or a thermo-electric generator. Thrive, not just survive with your Unforgettable Fire™ stove. Choose Unforgettable Fire™ as your on-grid, off-grid living solution™.

Woodburning Stoves
For RV's & Campers

Bring all the comforts of home to living on wheels in a RV, camper, 5th wheel, skoolie, or Airstream trailer with an Unforgettable Fire™ gasifier stove. Our one log burner, Kimberly™, was originally developed as a survival stove on the deck of a boat when the inventor could not find a micro wood stove to meet his family needs. The Krikit™ offers a bigger combustion chamber with an optional close-clearance shielding system when more heat is required.

Woodburning Stoves
For Tiny Homes

Longer burn times, tight clearances, and UL-listing made the Kimberly™ mini wood stoves the darlings of the Tiny House Movement. In secondary combustion, our patented gasification technology produces a soft flame pattern which mimics the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights. The modern European styling and stainless steel construction makes the Kimberly™ stove a functional art piece. With many wannabes in the marketplace, there remains but one Kimberly™ gasifier stove.

Your On-Grid, Off-Grid Living Solution™

Life is uncertain, so it pays to look ahead. The technology that we rely upon today might not be there tomorrow due to severe weather, a seismic event, or who knows what else…? With an Unforgettable Fire™ wood heater stove in your home, you’ll be better prepared for whatever life can throw at you. Place a cast iron Dutch oven on the cook stove top and you can heat, cook, bake, and heat water. Place a thermo-electric generator on the cook stove top and you can keep your phone charged. Our patented gasification technology makes our stoves the only ones with sufficiently hot temperatures to be able to drive thermo-electric generation. With three free-standing models to choose from (and a wood burning fireplace insert soon to be released) you’ll be warm and well fed–come what may. Whether you’re looking for a sole source of wood heat, supplemental heat, or back-up heat for an emergency, we’ve got a wood burner stove that is right-sized for you!

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