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Custom Venting Kits

Let Us Help You Configure Your Chimney!

Need help with your installation? Every chimney configuration is different and depends upon your application and the design of your home.

For a quote on your custom venting kit, kindly email your interior/exterior digital photos to vanessa (at) unforgettablefirellc (dot) com along with applicable measurements and your name and phone number so that we can call you in case we have any questions. Your digital photos will help us determine what venting components are required for a safe and beautiful installation in your living space and they will enable us to coach you {or your installer} through each step by phone.

Remember that the relationship between any wood stove and its flue may be compared to the relationship between the heart and lungs in the human body. In other words, if a person’s lungs do not function properly, then neither will the person’s heart function properly. In a similar manner, the function of any wood stoves is directly related to the function of its chimney, as a chimney serves as its wood stove’s lungs.

While all UL-Listed brands of pellet pipe must be manufactured to the same basic standards, we specifically recommend the use of insulated all-fuel pellet pipe, which is custom-manufactured for our gasifier wood stoves. Because our patented gasification technology causes the combustion to be more complete and results in lower flue temperatures than chimneys used with traditional wood stoves, the insulated pellet pipe will help to keep the interior flue temperature sufficiently warm for the chimney to function properly even under the most challenging of winter conditions.

Commonly Used Venting Components

DescriptionNew Part NumberRetail Price †
Starter Tee & End CapOE-UFSAT03$150.00
3x6 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607041$64.00
3x12 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607042$77.00
3x18 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607043$114.00
3x24 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607044$104.00
3x36 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607045$134.00
3x48 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607046$158.00
Ceiling Support Box 9x9x11"3607055$260.00
Ceiling Support Box 9x9x18"3607817$350.00
Ceiling Support Box 9x9x24"OE-CCS240599$370.00
5x6-inch Class A (316)3601686$150.00
5x12 Class A (316)3601687$172.00
5x18 Class A (316)3601688$242.00
5x24 Class A (316)3601689$329.00
5x36 Class A (316)3601690$429.00
5x48 Class A (316)3601691$552.00
Pellet Flashing 0/12 - 6/123602384$59.00
Class A Flashing 0/12 - 6/123601821$191.00
Pellet Flashing 7/12 - 12/123602385$62.00
Class A Flashing 7/12 - 12/123601823$237.00
Pellet Flashing - Flat3602386$55.00
Class Flashing - Flat3601825$175.00
Pellet Collar3602372$29.00
Class A Collar3601900$29.00
Vertical Rain Cap3602374$129.00
30 Degree ElbowCustom$150.00
45 Degree Elbow3602309$124.00
90 Degree Elbow3602311$155.00
Roof Support3601893$135.00
Telescoping Roof Brace3601890$218.00
3" Wind Directional CapCustom$160.00
4-prong Moisture Meter103331$63.00


DescriptionNew Part NumberRetail Price †
Cleanout Port3607054$135.00
4x6 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607047$70.00
4x12 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607048$82.00
4x18 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607049$114.00
4x24 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607050$124.00
4x36 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607051$154.00
4x48 Insulated Pellet Pipe3607052$171.00
Ceiling Support Box. 11x11x11"3601919$368.00
Ceiling Support Box 11x11x24"3601927$396.00
6x6 Class A (304)3601664$135.00
6x12 Class A (304)3601665$144.00
6x18 Class A (304)3601666$196.00
6x24 Class A (304)3601667$255.00
6x36 Class A (304)3601668$344.00
6x48 Class A (304)3601669$418.00
Class A Flashing (0/12-6/12)3601827$160.00
Class A Flashing (7/12-12/12)3601829$214.00
Class A Flashing (Flat)3601831$184.00
Pellet Collar3602373$33.00
Class A Collar3601900$33.00
Vertical Rain Cap3602375$114.00
30 Degree ElbowCustom$170.00
45 Degree Elbow3602313$142.00
90 Degree Elbow3602315$206.00
Roof Support3601893$135.00
Telescoping Roof Brace3601890$218.00
4" Wind Directional CapCustom$160.00
4-Prong Moisture Meter103331$63.00

† Note: Retail prices listed above do not include shipping, which is determined by the pipe manufacturer according to zip code, the weight & size of the boxes, and the commercial carrier required for delivery.

Additional Requirements For Residential Installations

For residential installations, you must always follow your local and county regulations designed for your safety. This typically means a Class-A pass-through from the ceiling through the attic and roof, which can add an additional $250.00 to $500.00 to your venting costs. See our Kimberly™ and Katydid™ Owner’s Manuals for complete installation instructions and diagrams.