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Pyrolysis: It’s A Fancy Name For Wood Gasification

The process of wood gasification (vaporizing wood) is called “pyrolysis” defined as, “decomposition brought about by high temperatures“.

These lesser known non-catalytic wood stoves are known by many names, including pyrolytic stoves; wood gas stoves; pyrolithic stoves; gasifier wood stoves; and wood gasification stoves. Whatever you call them, these wood stoves extract the most heat out of a stick of wood with the least amount of creosoteand extend the burn over a longer period of time. The heat which results is more even, with less fluctuation as when the wood gas is exhausted, embers remain and continue to radiate heat for many hours.

In this regard, wood gasification stoves much like a time-release pill. Rather than releasing the active ingredient all at once, a time-release pill delivers the active ingredient more evenly and over a longer period of time in order to maintain more even therapeutic levels in the body. Likewise, gasification wood stoves deliver their heat more evenly and over a longer period of time in order to maintain more even temperatures in your home.

All of the Unforgettable Fire™ gasifier wood stoves for sale today utilize a patented two-stage combustion technology, which vaporizes the wood by restricting oxygen to the first combustion to deliberately create a low-temperature slow and smokey fire. The smoke is then re-burned as fuel in a second combustion to produce heat for your home. The end result is that far less heat is wasted up the chimney than with traditional wood burning methods with little to no visible smoke exiting the chimney. 

Less heat wasted up your chimney potentially reduces the amount of wood that you need to cut and burn each year to heat your home, with less overall emissions released into the environment.

A Unique Chimney System


As with any type of wood stoves for sale today, the relationship between the wood burning stove and its chimney is identical to the relationship between the human heart and lungs. 

To avoid the possibility of reduced stove and chimney function, or unwanted condensation, when internal chimney temperatures drop too low, we developed a UL-listed custom-manufactured insulated pellet pipe for use with our Unforgettable Fire™ gasifier wood stoves. For this reason we sell our Unforgettable Fire™ gasifier wood stoves as a package with our custom-manufactured pipe to ensure that your Unforgettable Fire™ wood stove performs perfectly on your coldest winter day. Our Unforgettable Fire™ wood stoves and unique chimney systems have been successfully installed in some of the coldest locations on the planet.

Our UL-listing requires that our custom-manufactured insulated pellet pipe must pass through a section of Class A double-wall pipe, which hangs inside a Ceiling Support Box and extends through the attic and above the roof. For more information about our unique UL-approved chimney system, please consult the owner’s manual for the Unforgettable Fire™ wood stove model that you are considering.

What To Burn In A Wood Gasification Stove

Our Unforgettable Fire™ gasifier wood stoves for sale are approved to burn any species of cordwood. Softwood species such as Douglas Fir and pine burn equally well and just as clean as hardwood species such as oak, ash, maple, or madrone, but softwoods will obviously burn more quickly. 

Burning dry, seasoned wood of 20% moisture content or less will result in the optimal gasification of your wood, and thus produce more heat, longer burn times, and less creosote than burning wood which contains greater than 20% moisture content. Your investment in a moisture meter with an accuracy of +/- 1% will help you get the most heat from the least amount of wood and the least amount of creosote.

Alternatively, manufactured sawdust logs containing no wax or paraffin work well in all of our Unforgettable Fire™ gasification wood stoves for sale. Expected burn time and heat output from manufactured logs varies by brand. 

Kimberly™. Katydid™. Krikit™. Which is the best wood gasifier stove model for you? 




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