Ensure Your Family’s Heating Security And Reduce Your Heating Bills With A Kimberly™ or Katydid™ Gasification Wood Stove!

Katydid™ Price & Value

When shopping for new wood stoves, one should always consider the total installation cost of a wood stovenot just the cost of the stove itself. Even a “free” wood stove can quickly become a $2,000 wood stove by the time you purchase the required Class A venting components for your chimney and a UL-approved floor pad.

Except for Katydid™ and her sister stove, Kimberly™, all other EPA/CSA Certified and UL-Tested wood stoves require “Class A” chimney pipe for the entire length of the chimney, which can start at $1,600 for a single story residential installation and go up from there.

Katydid™ wood stoves are approved to vent with less costly double-wall stainless steel lined all-fuel pellet pipe {with a Class-A pass-through – see our owner’s manual for details}. In most cases, our unique venting system can save hundreds of $$$ on your chimney, which helps balance the higher cost of our stoves.

While you may spend more for a Katydid™ gasifier wood stove than for another brand, you will probably spend less for your chimney. In the end, your total installation costs are likely to be similar to a $2,000.00 wood stove as shown by the chart below.

Katydid™ TOTAL Installation Costs Similar To A $2,000 Wood Stove

$2050 BRAND "X" Wood Stove$3995 KATYDID™ Wood Stove
$1600 Class-A Chimney Pipe († Estimated)$650 Chimney Pipe († Estimated)
$500 Floor Pad (Estimated)$100 Floor Pad (Estimated)
$500 Shipping & Handling (Estimated)$400 Shipping & Handling
$4650 TOTAL Investment$5145 TOTAL Investment

ORDER SOON To Beat The Price Increase Due To The Increased Cost of Steel & Stainless Steel. Ensure Your Family’s Heat-Security & Avoid Increased Wait Times. Call: 1-855-872-7868

† For comparison purposes only. Because your home is unique, your chimney configuration will be unique to your home and priced accordingly. Estimated costs for a single-story residential application will vary according to the construction of your home and the placement of your stove. Expect to incur additional costs for a 1-1/2 story or 2 story installation.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions and download the Katydid™ Owner’s Manual.