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Tiny Wood Stove – Big Heat

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The Best Tiny Wood Stove To Heat Your Cabin, RV, Tiny House, Skoolie, Or Boat…

  • When you’re trying to heat a small space, most wood stoves don’t cut it. They’re big and heavy. They kick out way too much heat. They take up way too much floor space. Most stoves were never designed for use as small wood stoves for cabins, as mini wood stoves for RV use, or as a tiny house wood stove. Most manufacturers of a tiny wood stove have never had their stove EPA/CSA Certified and UL-tested. We did. [Disclosure: Kimberly™ is currently undergoing re-certification procedures to meet the 2020 emissions requirements for residential applications.]
  • The Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove had an accidental beginning. Inventor Roger Lehet’s 25-year-old wood stove shop was a casualty of The Great Recession. Unable to pay the rent, the Lehet family of three moved onto a boat moored off the coast of Vashon Island, near Seattle, Washington. Roger realized that no manufacturer made a tiny wood stove that could fit into his tiny space, so he cobbled together his first of several mini wood stoves, learning as he went.
  • Roger’s tiny house on water required a small, nearly smokeless wood stove in the marina. There was little room to store wood in the cabin, so his tiny wood stove needed to have a tiny appetite. A good night’s sleep required a longer burn time. So, Roger designed a two-stage combustion chamber to squeeze more heat from less wood. In the first combustion, oxygen is restricted so that the wood is gasified and becomes smoke. The smoke is re-burned as fuel in a second combustion before it exits the stove. The second combustion produces most of the heat and during secondary combustion, Kimberly’s chimney goes nearly smokeless.

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An Ultra-Efficient & Clean Tiny Wood Stove

A Mini Wood Stove Engineered For Smaller & Bigger Spaces When Super Close Clearances Are Required…

  • Although she was born on a boat, the Kimberly™ stove was EPA-CSA certified and UL-approved for residential use. Nevertheless, the Kimberly™ stove has established her reputation as the best wood stove for a tiny house, the best RV wood stove, and the best marine wood stove, due to Kimberly’s small footprint and tight 6-inch clearances.
  • Kimberly™ can heat from 150 square feet up to 1,500 square feet, with a burn time of up to 8 hours {coal bed to coal bed}. You can control the amount of heat by the size of the fuel load, how often you load the stove and the species of the wood that you burn. Kimberly™ is portable and weighs only 56 pounds. Since there are no moving parts or electrical components to fail, Kimbelry™ is perfect for everyday use or for use in an emergency.
  • Like our bigger gasifier wood stove, Katydid™, our mini wood stove Kimbely™ squeezes more heat from less wood. Our patented gasification technology wastes less heat up the chimney, so more heat remains in your home. The proof is in Kimberly’s lower flue temperatures and unique UL-approved venting system, which can save you hundreds of $$$ on a new installation.

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Kimberly™ In A Client’s Home

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Your On-Grid, Off-Grid Living Solution™

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Kimberly™ In A Tiny House

Quick Facts About Our Kimberly™ Mini Wood Stoves


  • EPA-certified and CSA-certified at 3.2 grams/hour emissions. [Disclosure: Currently recertifying to 2020 emission standards.]
  • UL-approved for use in a traditional home in the United States and Canada.
  • UL-approved for use in a mobile home in the United States.
  • Slim 10-inch diameter on a 12-inch base requires less floor space.
  • Approved for just 6-inches of side clearance without the use of reflector panels.
  • Heats homes up to 1,500 square feet or more of well-insulated space.
  • Burns up to 8 hours (coal bed to coal bed) on a load of wood.
  • Portable, weighing just 56 pounds.
  • Unique venting system saves hundreds of $$$ in installation costs.
  • Provision for outside combustion air intake.
  • No moving parts or electrical components to fail in an emergency.
  • Cooktop surface for on-grid or off-grid cooking & emergency preparedness.

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Tiny Wood Stove – Quality Engineering

  • Made in the U.S.A. from domestically produced stainless steel
  • Engineered and built tough for many years of trouble-free service
  • Warranted for cordwood or wood manufactured biomass logs containing no wax.
  • Five-year, non-prorated warranty one of the best warranties in the wood stove industry.
  • The Kimberly™ mini wood stove was selected as one of 13 finalists from 261 entries for the 2013 Wood Stove Design Challenge. This international competition, originally known as the Wood Stove Decathlon, was sponsored in part by Popular Mechanics magazine and held in Washington, D.C. on The National Mall.

Kimberly™ Installation Diagrams

Kimberly small wood burning stove installation diagrams 1 & 2

Kimberly small wood burning stove installation diagrams 3 & 4

Kimberly small wood burning stove installation diagrams 5 & 6

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Kimberly small wood burning stove installation diagrams 8 & 9

Kimberly small wood burning stove installation diagrams 10 & 11

Height: 25.5 inches (64.77 cm)
Diameter: 10 inches (25.40 cm)
Front Door Size: 4 inches x 9 inches (10.16 cm x 22.86 cm)
Weight: 56 pounds (25.4 kg)
Maximum Heat Output: Estimated 40,000 BTU’s/hour
Size of Heated Area: up to 1500 square feet of well-insulated space
Firebox Capacity: .2 cubic feet Firebox Size: 6 inches x 11 inches (15.24 cm x 27.94 cm)
Maximum Log Length: 10 inches (25.40 cm)
Maximum Log Diameter: 4 inches (10.16 cm)
Flue Exit: Back exit only
Provisions For Outside Air Intake Kit: Bottom of base or rear of base
Estimated Efficiency: 68%

Be sure to check out our Katydidsmall wood burning stove if you have been shopping for freestanding wood stoves for sale, a small efficient wood stove, or the best small wood stove for a cabin. Katydid™ offers a bigger firebox for when our Kimberly™ tiny wood stove is too small.