Ensure Your Family’s Heating Security And Reduce Your Heating Bills With A Kimberly™ or Katydid™ Gasification Wood Stove! Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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We wish everyone in the United States a joyous and safe Thanksgiving Weekend. We will be taking this rare opportunity to enjoy time with family and split wood! If you need urgent assistance, please leave a voice mail and we will respond as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we will reach out to you on Monday!

Thank you for your interest in our Unforgettable Fire™ wood stoves! We have built a solid reputation from creating satisfied clients. As a client of a small manufacturer, you have the opportunity to work with the inventor himself, or one of our team members that he has personally trained. It would be our pleasure to assist you in the planning phase through the installation and operation phases.

In order to provide you with accurate pricing information, we must first understand your home and your heating goals. Do you wish to heat a traditional home on a foundation? Do do you wish to heat a tiny house or RV? How old is your home? What is the quality of your home’s insulation and the quality and number of windows? Is there a pre-existing chimney in your home that we might work with? Will your Unforgettable Fire™ wood stove be the sole source of heat or will it be a backup to an existing heating appliance? What state do you live in and how cold are your winters? These are some of the questions we will need to ask in order to better understand your heating needs and goals. 

As well, we will need to rely upon your interior and exterior photos and applicable measurments, since it is impossible for us to personally visit your home. Not only will this information help us determine what venting components are required for your unique living space, and thus provide the accurate pricing information that you seek, but your photos will enable us to coach you {or your installer} through your installation by telephone after your purchase. Kindly fill out the form below, submit your photosand let’s have a no-obligation chat by phone!

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