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From Karen G., Alaska

We have been running our wonderful Kimberly for about three weeks now and are so totally in love with her.  We are burning the Idaho Energy Logs (compressed logs) and we get a huge burn time and lots of heat from the Kimberly with them, we have also burned cedar and hickory and spruce just to see how it would do. It has been keeping our house toasty warm day and night.  I love not having to turn on the forced air furnace as it is costly, noisy and creates a lot of dust. When I am in bed at night its so quiet it took time to get used to cause the forced air made so much noise and the Kimberly once in a while might pop or crackle but that is it. I can see the stove from my bedroom while I am laying in bed and love to see the warm orange glow of the fire at night.

Kimberly has kept our house toasty warm and its been down to 21 degrees the coldest so far, but we have a large house and so far so good, we have not even had to run it on high unless we are first starting a fire from a cold stove. We are thinking on getting the Katydid too and using Katydid in the house and moving the Kimberly to the garage as at this time we also have a oil stove in the garage to heat it.  I cannot even tell you how much fuel oil we have saved already using Kimberly and the fire is so nice and warm and dry.  If you do have a video of Kimberly inside and out we would love to see it.  And thank you for everything, we are satisfied customers. And the peace of mind having the Kimberly to keep us warm and to cook on if the grid goes down is very important to us.  Kimberly does a wonderful job for us and made us happy happy happy!

From Jeff A., Pennsylvania

We have been building a tiny house and have been absorbing all the information we can about sustainable living and living off-grid.  So, you could say, we’re in the process.

For now we live in a modestly sized home (about 1200-1500 sq. ft.) and have been interested in getting a wood stove to provide some additional heat.

In our tiny house research we came across the Kimberly stove and noticed that she had a bigger sister that would fill the need for our home – a lot of heat from a little box.

Well, we were planning to wait a little while to buy, but after talking to Vanessa, we were hooked.  The idea that we could install it ourselves with a little help from Roger and Vanessa was very exciting.

Unfortunately (tee hee), when the stove arrived, it was clear that this piece of engineering was more than just that it was art.  What this meant was that we were no longer satisfied with where we decided to place it initially.  It took us a little longer to get in place, but only because we wanted to give it a setting to match its magnificence…

Since installation, we have had the Katydid running nonstop.  The temperature has been consistently well below freezing and primarily between 10 above and 10 below zero.  Typically in those situations, our normal furnace cannot keep up and is constantly trying.  Not only has this been changed by having our Katydid, but sometimes the furnace has been able to stand down since the Katydid was doing all the heavy lifting.  We have had several instances of being almost too warm!

The stove is absolutely perfect.  It is gorgeous and well-made.  We love it and we love Roger and Vanessa also as they were always available and consistently responsive.

From Kevin and Valerie, Alaska

In 2014, my wife and I built a 952 sq. ft. log cabin in Alaska, with the idea of having a back-up heat that didn’t take up very much space. Well, when I found the Kimberly wood stove, we knew that’s what we wanted. It has now been one year, and I have to say that we mostly use this stove as our primary heat source; even at temperatures below zero, this little stove conquers the elements. When you get the draft just right, this little stove really puts out some heat. Anything above 20 degrees, we prefer not to let the secondary burn kick in due to it getting too warm in our home. A special thanks to Unforgettable Fire, LLC dealers for the most outstanding customer service available. Any question or concern I’ve ever brought to their attention was taken very seriously and promptly. This company really cares about their product and the people that invest in them.

From Tracy F., Washington

I wanted to write you about the Kimberly Stove I purchased from you last February.  Being new to wood burning I was not really sure what to expect, nor how to install it. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the installation was, and even more impressed by your knowledge of this product when it came to troubleshooting, when the chimney system was not working properly.

To be quite honest, I had some moments of worry when I fired up the stove for the first time with all my buddies, and my wife present. As you know it was hard to get going, and at first put out very little heat, sort of embarrassing, even my wife was asking why I had spent the money for this unit. However one phone call to you, and the simple fix you suggested brought the stoves performance directly to what you had said it would do.

You may remember that I was using a very inefficient propane heater which was very expensive to run in my man cave, the Kimberly runs forever on a small amount of fuel, and belts out the heat. I also took notice of the dry heat compared to propane, I could not imagine how much moisture would accumulate on a boat with the propane, but the Kimberly dries out the air quite nicely, important in our wet and cold winters here in Seattle.

Thank you once again for your excellent product and customer support, that also is uncommon in today’s business world.

From J. and S. Idaho

My husband drove to Oregon, where Roger was doing a show with the Kimberly Stove, to pick up our stove. I told him as he was leaving, “If the stove is not good quality, don’t pay the money, get back in the car and come home”. He got the stove, brought it home, and I have to say that The Kimberly Stove exceeded any and all expectations I had. I am blown away by the quality of The Kimberly. This is the BEST investment we have EVER made! I would advise anyone to do whatever you have to do to get The Kimberly stove in your home! This stove could literally save your life and the lives of your family.

From Eva W., Washington

That little stove meets all of my personal requirements for smallness, efficiency, portability, comfort and reliability. It was still warm for hours after you left. Admittedly, I had some moments of apprehension when it came to purchase with full payment in advance, and I had to wait for a few technical issues in getting my order shipped, but all in all I am very glad I chose Kimberly Stove over other options. Your service and communication has been very good, you answered questions in a timely and knowledgeable fashion, and the best part is that everything you promised was even better than I expected.

From Lisa, Maine

My husband and I purchased a Katydid stove from Unforgettable Fire in the fall of 2016. When we contacted the company with questions about installation we were able to speak directly to the owner and inventor, Roger, who let us know he was visiting vendors on the East Coast in a month. His furthest destination north was set to be Vermont, but he immediately offered to come to us in Maine to help us set it up. Of course we said yes and when he arrived he made all the hook ups for us, which included climbing on the roof of our house to check on the chimney liner. This was way beyond what we expected for “customer service” and were incredibly grateful. Unfortunately, within a couple of days of running the stove the paint began to peel. When Roger called us to check how things were going we mentioned this to him. He said they had been training a new person at the US manufacturing plant and guessed that he had not cured the paint properly. He immediately offered to replace our Katydid including return shipping free of charge. We have been using our replacement stove for a couple months now and have had no issues.  Beyond producing an incredibly efficient, easy to use, beautiful stove Unforgettable Fire also has unmatched customer service. We recommend these little stoves to everyone who will listen.

From Paula, Washington

I’m so glad I bought a Katydid woodstove. From the very beginning, customer service was readily available for helpful advice on how much chimney I needed to buy, how to install, how to build a fire, etc. They helped every step of the way. It has been a learning curve for me to learn how to build a fire in the Katydid (which is a little different from the old woodstove). I bought my Katydid last year and I just completed some maintenance tasks this year (cleaning chimney, replacing the door gasket, etc). Customer service has proven just as important and valuable to me as the woodstove itself. I am able to get the most out of this Katydid woodstove because I’m able to get questions answered and receive helpful advise. Vanessa and Roger continue to be awesome and very helpful every step of the way. I love my Katydid woodstove and I hope someday to get to meet the wonderfully helpful Vanessa and Roger. Note: I am currently enjoying bacon, potatoes, and egg that I cooked on my Katydid.




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