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From Max G., Southern Oregon

We absolutely LOVE this Kimberly RV Wood Stove, modified with outside air induction to eliminate any possibility of oxygen depletion while the stove is burning and heating inside the RV coach. The stove also has an oven capability for baking, and the flat cooktop is perfect for cooking. As previously mentioned: it also has the capability to thermal-electrically generate power for charging the RV batteries, too.

One of the very FIRST things I did after the installation was completed, was to cook a beef rib-eye steak inside the LeSharo on the cooktop of the Kimberly stove, and it worked wonderfully — mmmmm, DELICIOUS!

As mentioned above, the Kimberly stove in our LeSharo RV was planned to have an off-grid thermal-electric generator capable of re-charging the RV batteries with heat — just like a solar panel system would if — I say: “IF” — the sun were shining in the rainy Pacific Northwest in winter, LOL. These thermal electric chargers are available from TEG Power dot com for about $420 and are a GREAT and economical alternative to solar power when the sun is behind the clouds.

Meanwhile, our Kimberly installed in the LeSharo is also very efficiently running a thermal-electric fan to circulate warm air in the LeSharo — entirely without any external power — shown in this video, all from burning just some small chunks of Pres-To-Logs, available from any Lowe’s or Home Depot store along your routes of travel for about $5.95 for a package of 6. A package of 6 Pres-To-Logs will easily last you a weekend of cold weather camping.

The first thing that got my attention about this wonderful Kimberly wood-burning stove development project is that it is NOT being outsourced to China for manufacture! The jobs it creates are staying right here in America where they belong! When I learned THAT, I decided that it certainly deserves my further attention, and that’s just what I gave it.

Then, the more I researched it, the more I liked it, and, moreover — wonder of wonders — I discovered that it’s being manufactured practically in my back yard: right here in my own beloved Southern Oregon.

From Larry P., Ontario, Canada

Kimberly is perfectly finished and manufactured product, with excellent appearance and presentation. Feature of first importance is that this wood burning stove is very, very safe with no compromise. In fact the safest and most versatile for confined spaces that I have ever seen. I wouldn’t judge the performance of the stove because could be misleading. There are number of variables important to get the best of the stove and they are unique to every new owner’s operating conditions. One considering that stove should contact the CUSTOMER SUPPORT to discuss those conditions.

The Unforgettable Fire LLC was the most outstanding customer support experience in my entire life. All my questions related to utilizing the product properly were promptly covered by Roger Lehet (the stove designer himself), Vanessa Kelly and Erik Beck. It is hard to put the communication with one of them above another. They are experts and even everyone has busy life, they will make themselves available to familiarize in depth with your situation. They will do that very methodically, spending all the time needed to cover any little detail. No any sign of impatience or rush. I want to put on pedestal my communication with Erik Beck who was my main contact as dealer for Canada. He was accessible literally 24/7 since I contacted him first over 3 months ago.

This feedback is not biased by any relation to those people. They don’t even know me and I am thousands kilometers away. Yet they exercised attention and care, like if I was well known old friend. I would welcome opportunity to meet them some day in person. I would strongly recommend this company and their products to anyone who may consider as heating solution.

From Mark L., Scotland, U.K.

Truly appreciate your commitment to this international transaction. I think you have been a Star and realize you are not making any profit considering the time and dedication you have put into all the admin.

From Paul T., Washington

I have been the contentedly warm owner of a Katydid stove for about 9 months now; enough of a winter to more than get acquainted with the small(ish) stove. I say smallish because I’ve owned smaller, but more on that later. Before getting into some details let me say how pleased I am with Unforgettable Fire and the Katydid. Fit and finish on the stove is excellent. Roger came up to install the stove and has been more than willing to answer any question I’ve had along the way. Top notch customer service! The Katydid is installed in a 35 foot 5th wheel that spends most of its time at a camp on the west face of the Cascade mountains in the Pacific Northwest. I know, not ‘real’ winter (I grew up in Minnesota), but cold enough to require a reliable heating source to keep the ice off the top of the water glass. Most of the wood burned is not hardwood but tending towards soft, like alder, tamarack, and pine. I’ve spent about a third of the winter in the trailer and have not yet needed to clean the approximately 14 foot chimney stack. In my opinion, the stove is living up to its clean burning claims. Heat production is very good. After the trailer has come up to temperature, I rarely run the air flow control all the way open. I get about a 3 hour ‘practical’ burn time when the air control is closed down. By practical I mean there are plenty of coals remaining to easily start a new load of wood but the stove has not cooled down enough to become really noticeable. Not bad considering what I’m feeding it. To those used to burning full sized stoves, these numbers may not seem all that impressive. But to me they are. Compared to the stove that the Katydid replaced (from a Canadian manufacturer with about a 1X1X1 foot burn box) that I always ran wide open, got about a 2 hour practical burn time, and had to clean the stack after about 6 weeks of use, I’m very pleased… In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending the Katydid stove from Unforgettable Fire to anyone needing a clean burning reliable stove for a smaller sized heating area.

From Steve B., North Dakota

Extreme cold testing complete. Not only passed, but passed loud & proud! This is actual temp inside during a 50 below windchill event, -34 actual at moment of picture, my electric bill for January…18… Feb is $15!
thermometer inside RV




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