Our Wood Stoves
In Tiny Homes

From Erin K, Wisconsin

When we were looking for a wood stove to put in our tiny cabin on wheels, we did a LOT of research. We looked at models from all over the world, but just kept coming back to the Kimberly. The small clearance distances were very appealing to us as we were placing the stove into a room that is less than 8 feet wide. Not to mention that the stove is a beautiful addition to our cabin. It keeps our 200 sq ft mighty toasty, even on a sub-zero night in the Wisconsin north woods. We were also really happy to purchase a product designed and manufactured in the USA.

Really, meeting with Vanessa at a trade show is what really sealed the deal for us. She’s warm and friendly and is committed to keeping her customers happy. Vanessa and Roger (the inventor of the stove) were available before, during, and after the install to answer any questions we had – even when we were wondering if we were starting the fire correctly, even on New Year’s Day! How many products have customer support provided by the inventor himself? Not many. Both Roger and Vanessa keep in contact with us to be sure that we are happy with the product.

From Julie, Idaho

I bought this little wood stove [Kimberly] back in June/July 2015. I bought some of the new stove pipe you now offer, just when it came available. It’s very nice… It was really very easy to do the installation. Very simple and straight forward. The first fire was a little tough to get going. But true to your word, once it did get going there was absolutely no smoke. Each fire since has been a breeze to start. I’m really pleased and excited about my little Kimberly. I’ve been telling everyone about it.

From Ella Jenkins, California, Little Yellow Door

We were lucky to have Vanessa Kelly, our dealer, help out with our installation and Kimberly’s inventor, Roger Lehet on the phone to get all our questions answered. After a few hitches and a custom chimney pass through the roof, this stove looks like it was never missing.

From Tracy G., Wisconsin, Casa Chia Blog

I’ve been using my Kimberly wood stove every winter since I moved in, and I’ll be honest in saying it hasn’t been an easy road to loving it as I do now. A very large part of the problem (maybe all of it) was that I bought any-old-pellet-stove-pipe locally rather than the brand that Unforgettable Fire recommended, and it turns out that it’s not sealed as well as it needs to be for the stove to burn super efficiently. The dealer from whom I bought the stove, Vanessa at Eagle Rise Trading Company, has gone over the top in helping me troubleshoot via detailed emails, phone calls, and even a trip to Wisconsin to spend a long afternoon doing everything she could to “upgrade” the seals on the stove itself (mine was an earlier iteration) and check my installation (with live phone advice from Roger, the stove’s inventor and CEO of Unforgettable Fire). She also convinced me that I needed to replace the chimney pipe, which I did in 2018, and the stove worked like a champ last winter. I’ve also learned to use compressed sawdust logs when I want a long overnight burn, and with that I can wake up to coals 8 hours after I fed the stove before bed. Plus, it’s still so damn charming, especially with my custom metal hearth pad…




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