Wood Stoves
For On-Grid & Off-Grid Cabins

Katydid™ Stove

KATYDID™ Wood Stoves For Cabins 

Tall, narrow, compact, and modern in styling, Katydid™ easily fits along a cabin wall or into a corner, when the wider profile of a traditional wood burning stove would be space-prohibitive. 

Like our other two models, Katydid™ is a gasification stove, and provides longer burn times and less temperature fluctuation. Long after the wood has been vaporized and the wood gas re-burned to produce heat, the embers continue to glow for hours later, releasing additional heat into the wee hours of the night. Depending on the size and species of your load, you can expect to wake up to embers in the morning.

Simple to operate and simple to maintain, Katydid™ is a reliable workhorse woodburner. Add a cast iron Dutch oven to cook, bake, and heat water. Add a thermo-electric generator, and you can keep your phone or tablet fully charged.

Estimated heat output up to 55,000 BTU’s

KIMBERLY™ Wood Stoves For Cabins

Kimberly™ is queen of small and tiny spaces where anything bigger than a tiny wood stove or micro stove would produce overwhelming heat output.

Little Kimberly™ is a mini stove one log burner, yet Kimberly™ boasts up to an 8-hour burn time (embers to embers). Developed on the deck of a boat as a survival wood stove, Kimberly™ has found her niche as the best indoor wood stove for small and tiny spaces of all kinds due to her lonnger burn times and 6-inch side clearances. When space is an issue in a smaller structure, Kimberly™ is often the best heating solution.

Kimberly’s 10-inch cookstove top easily reaches 1000 degrees and handily accommodates a cast iron fry pan, Dutch oven, soup pot, or wok. Add a trivet to keep your food from cooking too quickly! Add a thermo-electric generator, and you can keep your phone charged, too.

Estimated heat output up to 40,000 BTU’s

Kimberly™ Stove

Krikit™ Stove

KRIKIT™ Wood Stoves For Cabins

Despite her small size, Krikit™ offers a level of heat output that can rival many full-size wood stoves. That’s because our patented gasification technology makes more efficient use of every stick of firewood by wasting less heat up the chimney, so more heat stays in your cabin. Simply put–Krikit’s dainty appetite lets you cut and split less wood.

Krikit™ is offered with an optional  shielding system to reduce her clearances. Prrovisions in the design were made to include an optional blower fan for cabins that are served by electricity.

Krikit’s combustion chamber originated from the Katydid™ design so she is simple to operate and simple to maintain. Add a Dutch oven and you can heat, cook, bake, and heat water. Add a thermo-electric generator and you can charge your phone or tablet. 

Maximum heat output estimated up to 70,000 BTU’s

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