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Krikit™ Stove

KRIKIT™ Wood Stove For Homes

Like our previous models, the Kimberly™ and Katydid™ woodburners, our Krikit™ wood stove is a gasification wood burning stove. Krikit™ offers a bigger firebox for bigger loads and more heat.

With an estimated peak BTU output of 70,000, Krikit™ is ideal for small homes as a sole source of heat, or for bigger homes looking for supplemental heat or backup heat in an emergency. 

On grid, or off-grid, Krikit™ is an ideal choice for steady, reliable heat for clients who value long burn times, smokeless chimneys, and high efficincy. Krikit™ is simple to operate, simple to maintain, and space efficient. Due to our patented gasification technology, Krikit™ can produce as much heat for your residential home as bigger wood stoves because Krikit™ wastes less heat up the chimney.

Maximum heat output estimated up to 70,000 BTU’s

KATYDID™ Wood Stove For Homes

The Katydid™ wood burning stove has reliably heated homes of all sizes since 2014. With an estimated BTU output of up to 55,000, Katydid™ is ideal for residential homes for compact and smaller spaces when a small to medium size wood stove is required.

With her tall and narrow profile Katydid™ is often prized as a wood stove for corner installations. A modern wood stove designed for our modern times, Katydid™ was designed as an on-grid, off-grid living solution with space above the combustion chamber to add an optional thermo-electric generator or water-coil system, which we plan to bring to market at a future date.

Katydid™ is the pride of the room in upscale suburban homes across the United States and Canada, as well as more modest homes in rural areas when a high effiency compact wood stove is a priority for every day living, supplemental heat, or emergecy preparedness are the priorities.

Maximum heat output estimated up to 55,000 BTU’s

Katydid™ Stove

Kimberly™ Stove

KIMBERLY™ Wood Stove For Homes

Kimberly™ will always be a favorite for residential homes when the need for a compact design with very close clearances is the priority. With peak output of up to 40,000 BTU, Kimberly™ is often chosen to heat a single room or provide supplemental zone heating.

Originally designed on a boat as a survival stove during the financial turmoi of the Great Recession, Kimberly™ can fit where no other wood stove will. A one log burner, Kimberly™ can acommodate a single log of up to 4-inches in diameter and 9-inches in length, but requires only 6-inches side clearance. 

Kimberly’s European styling and stainless steel construction makes Kimberly™ a standout as functional art. Kimberly’s cookstove top ensures you’ll stay well fed and warm when the lights go out due to a local storm or a longer emergency. Amaze your friends with this 56 pound wood stove that can allow you to cook, bake, heat, and generate electricity.

Maximum heat output estimated up to 40,000 BTU’s

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